Some Words about Our Coaching…

For decades, economic growth was a given. The dominance of the United States in world markets was unquestioned. The security of American soil was a birthright.


  • Do you have a business strategy to thrive in the new economy?
  • Is your vision for your future, including “retirement,” still meaningful?
  • Are your partners and team members attuned to propel your company in the new business reality of global competition, tight credit markets, and cash-strapped customers?

Since you have landed on this website, you may already sense that a new approach is needed. If you areopen to change and willing to accept support, then you have already overcome the biggest obstacles to success!

How do I know if coaching is the best resource for me?
There are many types of support-providers to choose from. To help you understand your options, the table below considers three of the most common forms of support for business leaders.

Coaching Consulting Psychotherapy

…is a relationship of client- empowerment where clients become better at their jobs and their relationships.
…provides perspective and wisdom to address stale, stuck or unfamiliar issues.
…is a means to unlock and implement solutions that already exist in the mind of the client.
…raises awareness and control in relationships, events and circumstances.
…includes emotional support, accountability and loyalty to the stated goals of the client.
…results in increased skills in leadership, decision-making and communication.
…gives ongoing support to increase organizational productivity and cohesion.

…is project-based business problem-solving.
…entails the hiring of an expert in a particular field to advise, coordinate and perform to improve a targeted business function (such as sales, public relations, accounting, business planning, etc.).
…provides outsourced expertise for business improvement only, exclusive of interpersonal and leadership skills development.

…is defined as “the treatment of mental and emotional disorders, with the goal being relief of symptoms and changes in behavior leading to improved social and vocational functioning, and personality growth.” (
…may be an effective way of learning how your thoughts and behaviors impact your relationships and mental health.
…is not a means to optimize both personal wellbeing andprofessional performance.

If you aren’t sure if coaching can help, look for these symptoms in your organization or your job:

  • Outdated business strategies and practices
  • Conflict among key stakeholders
  • Life is consumed by work
  • Lack of initiative and creativity in the organization
  • Focus on past performance (“the good ole’ days”) and consumed by negative headlines
  • Fear-driven decision-making
  • Resistance to leadership and company procedures
  • Uncooperative team members who hoard information and other resources

Why business and life coaching?
Every circumstance and relationship is a mirror that drives learning and awareness. In business, the influence of a leader’s character, expectations and behavior is the main determinant of company culture and long-term success. Beyond the workplace, a person’s life experience is determined by similar factors: beliefs, expectations and actions. In this work, there is an explicit connection between business problem-solving and personal growth.